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AMK requests from the Government to start drafting the national strategy of economic development – Latest News

AMK requests from the Government to start drafting the national strategy of economic development

The American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo has asked the Government to start drafting a national economic development strategy.

“Economic development based on a strategic approach is essential to enable measurable and sustainable economic growth. Therefore, the American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo requests from the Government of the Republic of Kosovo to draft a strategic document as a guiding document for economic development policies “, says AMK through a press release.

AMK says that the National Economic Development Strategy should be initiated in the first quarter of the new Government and should be based on an analysis of economic potentials and priorities, among other things would guide the private sector in making strategic decisions.

“The strategic document would serve to avoid ad-hoc decisions or reactive approach, which has characterized institutional decision-making in the past. In this way, the Government, the Assembly, as well as other non-political and non-governmental stakeholders could establish control over the economic development of Kosovo, setting specific objectives, measurable, achievable, realistic, as well as related to timelines “, it is said in the communiqué.

“AmCham strongly believes that priorities such as strengthening the rule of law, addressing issues related to human capital, strengthening ties with the Diaspora, promoting domestic investment and attracting foreign investment, and addressing physical infrastructure with a focus on energy, should be included in the Strategy, and its drafting should be carried out in close consultation with representatives of the business community, experts and institutes of economics, academic institutions, international development organizations and international financial institutions, as well as representatives of unions ”.

Finally, the American Chamber of Commerce suggests that the strategy drafting process should be considered, but not limited to factors such as economic and demographic data, Kosovo’s natural resources, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats and trends. local and global, as well as technological developments./Voice

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