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Gracanica Mayor: Pristina does not want to meet the obligations of the Brussels Agreement – Latest News

Gracanica Mayor: Pristina does not want to meet obligations under the Brussels Agreement

The mayor of Gracanica, Srdjan Popovic, has said that it is clear that Pristina does not want to respect the Brussels Agreement.

Popovic stressed that Serbia’s state leadership, led by President Aleksandar Vucic, continues to insist on dialogue and the resolution of all issues exclusively at the table.

“Unfortunately, Pristina does not look at these things from that point of view and it is interesting that although it knows what the Association of Serbian Municipalities means to Serbs, it is not a political basis for anything that goes in the interest of peace-breaking and stability in the region. “That agreement will not be implemented even after eight years,” said Popovic.

The President of the Municipal Assembly of Gracanica, Ljubisa Karadzic, says that the expectations from the Association were high.

“The Association of Serbian Municipalities had to guarantee certain rights, mainly to the Serb community in Kosovo,” he added, reports RTV Gracanica. / EO

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