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Israel raises pressure for third dose of vaccine – Latest News

Israel is stepping up pressure on the third dose of the vaccine

October 03, 2021 – 13:47

The Israeli government is stepping up pressure on people who have been vaccinated with two doses of the coronavirus vaccine.

From Sunday (October 3) the vaccination certificate which facilitates movement and access to public life, will be valid only six months after receiving the second dose of the vaccine.

After this period people should take the third booster dose to be able to enter indoors. Israel is the first country to include the booster dose of the vaccine in the vaccination certificate.

The move is widely seen as a step towards encouraging booster vaccination.

According to figures from the Ministry of Health, more than 1 million people could be affected by the new regulation.

The certificate is required to participate in almost all areas of public life in Israel.

Everyone aged 3 and over must prove they have been vaccinated, cured of COVID-19 or tested negative if they want to visit sporting or cultural events, gyms, museums, restaurants, universities or conferences.

According to the Ministry of Health, about 61 percent of the approximately 9.4 million inhabitants have been vaccinated with two doses, while about 37 percent with a booster dose.

The precondition for the third dose is that the second vaccination was given at least five months ago.

In early September, Israel recorded more than 11,000 new infections a day, the highest number since the pandemic began.

Since then, the number has gradually decreased.

Many Israelis staged nationwide demonstrations in protest of the new measures. Opponents said it was a form of forced vaccination. / REL

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