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Vuiqii sells new situation in northern Kosovo as victory for Serbs – Latest News

Vuiqii sells as a victory for the Serbs the new situation created in the north of Kosovo

The President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vuiqi., Stated that the Serbs are satisfied that the Kosovo Special Forces withdrew from their positions at the border crossings between Serbia and Kosovo, respectively in Jarinje and Brnjak.

“It was tense and there was harassment of our people, such as ‘Take away a truck, then take it all away.’ You see the enthusiasm of our people when their forces withdrew from northern Kosovo,” Vucic told Serbian television Prva “from Dubai.

Speaking about the agreement between the two countries in Brussels, which overcame the crisis in Kosovo caused by the strengthening of the temporary license plates of the Republic of Kosovo for vehicles from Serbia, Vucic said that there are no easy agreements or even “nothing easy for Serbia”.

He stated that Serbia “actually” has not been present in Kosovo since 1999, after which “an expulsion took place in 2004, and in 2008 independence was declared”.

“Since then, we have fought to keep our noses, if not our mouths, above water. To maintain security for our people in Kosovo. You are fighting in conditions in which the entire western hemisphere is pressuring you to hand over what has remained from your nose “, said Vuiqiiq.

The president of the neighboring country said that Serbs in Kosovo “do not like” KFOR because of the NATO attacks on Serbia in 1999, but added that NATO and KFOR are “the only real defense” there. “Unfortunately, there were Russians too, but they withdrew, and NATO remained.”

He said he did not believe the Association of Serb-majority municipalities would be created, “because he knows who Serbia is dealing with”. / Voice

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