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Andin Hoti leaves PDK – Latest News

Andin Hoti leaves the PDK

The head of the Kosovo delegation in talks on missing persons issues, Andin Hoti, who in the previous term was part of the Democratic Party of Kosovo (PDK), has finally left this party.

This was announced on ATV by the member of the PDK leadership, Adri Nurellari.

Asked about the support that Hoti has given to Kurti regarding the issue of archives, Nurellari said that he is not surprised that when a person leaves the party, he changes his attitudes for a post.

“Yes, people who take positions, then in exchange for the positions they take, they also change their loyalty. “It is not the first time that someone leaves the PDK and joins another party, changes attitudes and positions,” he said.

Nurellari further reiterated the PDK’s position on the claims for the existence of the KLA archives, adding that anyone who says that they exist, harms Kosovo and that it is an irresponsible position.

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