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Anti-COVID guide changed – Latest News

The anti-COVID guide is changed

At the request of the Minister of Health Arben Vitia, a new working group has been formed to update the guide for the treatment of patients affected by COVID-19.

In fact, the existing roadmap was approved last year by former Minister Armend Zemaj.

According to the member of this group, Driton Vela in the previous guide there are many shortcomings, one of them is the differentiation of forms of COVID-19 disease, as he adds that the latest recommendations have not been used, and those recommendations that have been practiced are not based on international methodology.

Vela points out that hydroxychloroquine will no longer be a cure for Kosovars infected with COVID-19, because studies have shown that it has not been effective and that other therapies will specify exactly where to apply, such as which is Remdesivir and others.

In addition, this guide will include recommendations for intensive treatment of patients.

However, anesthesiologist Agreta Gecaj claims that the first guide lacked this information, although it shows that she and her colleagues followed international guidelines, writes Klan Kosova.

In addition to these two, part of this working group is also the microbiologist Lul Raka and other fields headed by infectologist Salih Ahmeti.

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