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Anton Quni tells the reasons for running for LDK chairman – Latest News

Anton Quni tells the reasons for running for president of LDK

The candidate for president of the Democratic League of Kosovo (LDK), Anton Quni spoke about the reasons that pushed him to run for president of this party. He said that he wanted to create in the public a conviction that the elections in LDK are democratic and open to all.

“I believe that the elections within the LDK will be at the highest democratic level. This has been one of the reasons I have nominated myself as well. Simple to create an opinion that we are more open. “A conviction has been created that the elections within the LDK are a scenario for which we have not had a counter-argument, even though all the elections have been democratic,” he said on the Frontal show on T7.

He further stated that he has encouraged other members to announce their candidacy.

“I have encouraged other members of the LDK to run. I do not have a passion but simply an incentive to really have a leader who will be unifying. “LDK is a kind of diversity for other issues, but we need a unifying leader who gathers everyone,” he said.

Quni also spoke about his opponents for the chairman of LDK. He said that they have excellent relations with both Abdixhik and Hazir.

“Both Lutfi and Lumir are in excellent relations. We congratulated each other yesterday. I have announced my candidacy earlier in the narrow Presidency, while Lumiri and Haziri announced it yesterday with the general meeting of the presidency “, Quni affirmed.

The candidate for chairman of the LDK, also spoke about the preferences of the resigned chairman of the party, Isa Mustafa.

“I am very honest that I have not noticed that any candidate is preferred by the mayor or that there is a prepared scenario of who will be the next leader of the LDK. “Some names are crooked in our conversations, but it is not up to me to make it public”, Quni further said.

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