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Arbana Osmani’s famous expressions turn into memes

Arbana Osmani is a well-known Albanian moderator who is recently reaping success with Big Brother Albania VIP.

Arbana is known as a very lady presenter and loved by the public.

But from this edition of BBV she is being mentioned for her famous expressions.

‘Stars, Guys, Officially Turns Off Televoting, Officially Turns Off Televoting’, are expressions that no one knows.

Finally, the public has turned this expression into a meme.

A meme has exploded on Instagram in which Arbana is heard announcing that televoting is closed, and this video also received quite a lot of views.

Let us remember that the presentation of this edition of BBV was a real fight between Arbana Osmani and Luana Vjollca, but this time too Arbana grabbed this position./Lajmi/

Watch the Video:

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