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Ardit Gjebrea shows solidarity with the singers, so he will help them

Well-known producer Ardit Gjebrea has made a new announcement for the modern music festival “Magic Song”, announcing that the festival will reward all the artists who reach the finals and of course the winner, with a considerable monetary value.

“The interest of artists for the magic festival has affected us, although in a situation without activities, again the desire to invest for their love, the song is impressive.

Therefore, as a sign of gratitude, the production of ‘Magic Song’ has decided to give 500,000 ALL for the first prize of the festival, while for the other 19 finalists, from 200,000 ALL each, this is a solidarity with the artists, to keep standing the Albanian song! ”, wrote the well-known moderator in the post he made.

The festival “Magic Song” this year will be realized starting on March 21 at ‘Albanian Sunday’ with the presentation of each competitor and on May 29 is expected to be held the grand final./Kosovarja

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