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As if you came out of Match…

A few days ago in the media it was rumored that the rapper will publish two new songs, a collaboration with Azet that will be titled “Tequila” and another solo titled “Taka”.

That’s how it happened!

The “Taka” project was published at midnight and unlike what happens with Tayna’s songs, it counts 315 thousand clicks in 22 hours.

And this has a reason and is explained quite clearly in the comments section, where listeners talk with a lot of disappointment about this song.

Many of them say that the text leaves much to be desired and that they miss old Tayna.

According to comments, she has left behind powerful lyrics and rap bringing commercial music.

“Finally you were continuing like this” – someone writes.

To say that this song is at poor levels, many people compare it to the songs of the former competitors of Per’puthen, while others say that he used autotune.

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