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Bahtiri addresses Kurti: Ibar Bridge to be vacated as soon as possible, is being held for political issues – Latest News

Bahtiri addresses Kurti: The Ibar Bridge should be vacated as soon as possible, it is being held for political issuesPhoto: Laura Hasani

The mayor of Mitrovica, Agim Bahtiri in a direct link to ATV, in the show “Direct”, spoke about the role of France for the state of Kosovo and its interventions during the war in Kosovo.

He also spoke about the role of French KFOR in northern Kosovo and the Ibar bridge.

“KFOR is a joint organization for maintaining order not only in the part of Mitrovica, or Kosovo but the whole world, it is known that this part belonged to the French KFOR and we are in this situation where this bridge is not yet liberated, which is an unrealistic policy. Until this bridge is held hostage so as not to be released due to some people, who have in their heads another picture of Kosovo and it is claimed that on this bridge the Republic of Kosovo will be divided with that of Serbia but this will not happen never, never “, said Bahtiri.

While appealing to all heads of state and international ones to release as soon as possible the bridge on which the part of South and North Mitrovica is divided.

“I appeal to all citizens of the north but also to all internationals as well as Prime Minister Kurti to release this bridge as soon as possible, because this is held only for political issues and nothing else, has nothing to do with sure.
As you can see, there is free movement of citizens, no problem and only 8 years we have only 8 incidents. “I want this bridge to be free for cars as well, because there is no reason for this bridge to be blocked,” he said.

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