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Llapashtica: Gërmia pool ready for visitors

The sharp rise in temperatures has increased the need for refreshment.

And the only place where citizens can cool off inside Prishtina is the Germia Swimming Pool, which has been open for five days.

Regarding its functioning, the executive director of the company “Sport Marketing” who also manages this pool spoke.

Liridon Llapashtica, said that now the situation is much different than last year when in our country appeared cases with COVID-19.

“We can say that it is 100 percent different because people are feeling much freer compared to last year when we had cases with COVID-19. Last year we operated only in July and the anti-COVID measures had to be respected. “Now it seems that COVID has lost power and that everything is different.”

Llapashtica said that the prices in Pishë e Gërmisë continue to be the same for a decade now.

“Prices have been the same for a decade now. That is, it is two euros for adults and one euro for minors. We did not discuss the price increase on the board, because our country has been hit by a pandemic and of course we did not want to deprive the citizens to cool off during the days with high temperatures “.

He stressed that during the five days since the pool was opened, the number of visitors has been increasing.

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