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Balje Remains Out of Assembly: Serbian List Plans to Take 2/3 of All Communities – Latest News

Balje remains out of the Assembly: The Serb List made a plan to take 2/3 of all communities

The chairwoman of the Social Democratic Union, Duda Balje, is claiming that the Serbian List has made a plan to distribute the vote of the Serb community to other communities in order to increase the number of deputies more than the 10 reserved seats.

She, in Klan Kosova, said that they have formed an initiative of Bosniaks and one of Roma to implement this plan.

“We have not complained that we were not right without the certification of the election result. I talked about the Serbian List plan long before the elections, but no representative of any political party was interested. they [Lista Serbe] are in the final stage of the plan. They have formed two initiatives – one of Bosniaks and one of Roma – and they have won the maximum number of votes and we, the authentic parties of Bosniaks and Roma, have not had the opportunity to win seats in the Assembly “.

Balje said that according to what they have analyzed, it turns out that the candidate for MP from the Bosniak community, Adriana Hodqi., Received the majority of votes in Serb-majority municipalities.

“Since we did the analysis for Adriana Hodhii., It turns out that she won 95% of the votes from the municipalities where more Serbs live. It is a great injustice and I think it is very dangerous for other communities in Kosovo and for the state of Kosovo. We are awaiting certification and will prepare the appeal to the ECAP and the Constitutional Court. “I hope that the state will help, because we have neither the power nor the opportunity to fight against Serbia’s influence in Kosovo.”

Balje said that the plan of the Serbian List is dangerous for other communities living in Kosovo and Kosovo itself.

“They had a plan. The plan is to have 2/3 of the communities within the Assembly of Kosovo. If it passes as planned, they will have 15 or 16 deputies who control them. “This is very dangerous for the formation of the government, the election of the president and other important issues that need to be voted on within the Assembly.”

The former MP, Duda Balje, has confirmed that she has been left out of the Assembly, saying that she has in a way been excluded from this race.

“It simply came to our notice then. Adriana Hodhiiq has 8000 votes, so we in Kosovo do not have that many Bosniaks. It was not only Bosniaks who voted for Hodhiiq, while only Bosniaks voted for us. “We did not even have the opportunity to win the country.”

She has said that there is evidence to prove what she is claiming.

“The fact that they have formed initiatives a few days before the elections is the first step. Majority of votes from municipalities where Serbs live – Adriana Hodhiiq did not have even 600 votes from Bosniaks. There are no Bosniaks in Ranilug / Ranillug, while Adriana Hodhiiq has more than 300 votes. The Roma Initiative in Gracanica has received many votes from Serbs. Serbs in Kosovo have themselves admitted that they were pressured to vote for them. “It’s very clear.”

The candidate for MP from the Bosniak community said that this will be complained to the ECAP and all other instances.

“This is against the Constitution and is undermining the multiethnicity of the Assembly of Kosovo. They cannot properly represent the community because they were not voted on by Bosniaks or Roma. “It’s very dangerous.”

She said that she hopes that the institutions will make the right decision for the state of Kosovo to continue to remain multiethnic.

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