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Film Center Serbia Launches YouTube Film Channel

BELGRADE: The Serbia Film Center has set up a YouTube film channel to introduce contemporary Serbian cinema to a wider audience, especially amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

The channel, launched at the end of March, offers the public the opportunity to watch Serbian films online for free. It has garnered attention in the Serbian media and has already garnered 7,840 YouTube followers.

At this point, documentaries (both short and long), short films and animated short films take center stage. So far 35 films are offered. The channel adds a film per day with accompanying text introductions to each new entry.

From April 16, every Friday, the broadcaster of the Film Center Serbia will present a short film made by renowned Serbian filmmakers such as Goran Marković, Goran Paskaljević and Slobodan Šijan from the beginning of their careers, in order to give viewers the opportunity to choose their favorite directors track down early stages of her work in film on the Internet.

Further improvements to the channel offering are underway.

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