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Biden: Unemployed refusing to take a job will lose assistance – Latest News

Biden: The unemployed who refuse to get a job will lose assistance

May 10, 2021 – 23:48

U.S. President Joe Biden on Monday slammed critics who say the expanded unemployment benefits provided for in the COVID-19 relief bill passed in March are holding Americans back from filling new jobs. work.

Biden said the administration will remind states this week that any unemployed American who is offered a suitable job must accept it or risk losing unemployment assistance.

He is also instructing the Department of Labor to work with states to restore the obligation that those receiving unemployment benefits must prove they are actively looking for work.

“If you are receiving unemployment assistance and you are offered a suitable job, you can not refuse that job and just continue to receive unemployment benefits,” said Biden.

Republican lawmakers blamed poor employment figures last week on the Democratic president’s decision to offer extended unemployment benefits until August.

Some Republican governors have canceled out extended benefits, using the additional funds for other purposes.

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