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“Breast cancer data in Kosovo, disturbing” – Latest news

Foto: Cleveland Clinic

The Regional Conference for Raising Awareness on the Unmet Needs of Breast Cancer in Kosovo was held today, organized by the non-governmental organization “Renaissance” in cooperation with “GoldMinds”, in order to raise public awareness on the prevalence of breast cancer in Kosovo and proposing modalities for addressing current challenges.

The conference, which brought together relevant local and international actors, was attended by the founder of the Jahjaga Foundation and former president, Atifete Jahjaga, president of the Association of Oncologists, Arben Bislimi, founder and director of the non-governmental organization “Renaissance”, Violeta Pirana, professor and world-renowned oncologist, ESO CEO Alberto Costa as well as representatives of countries in the region.

One of the key topics addressed at the conference is effective and affordable treatment as part of national cancer control plans so that every woman has access to adequate treatment and support regardless of the circumstances, with institutional representatives outlining governance priorities in this direction. Representatives of the region shared the experiences of their countries in the fight for early diagnosis and timely treatment of breast cancer.

Also, during the conference, the main findings of the “GoldMinds” research on the situation of breast cancer in Kosovo were revealed, which were worrying.

“According to this research, it turns out that in Kosovo the most common forms of breast cancer occur in the third and fourth stage, while the average age of women who are diagnosed with breast cancer is 48-54 years old. Furthermore, the leading municipalities in terms of the number of people diagnosed with this disease are Prishtina, Prizren and Peja, while it should be noted that although the Oncology Clinic does not have data on cases that go into metastasis but it is thought that disease recurrence in the form of progress about 30% of patients have metastatic “, it is said in the communiqué of the organization” Renaissance “.

The conference, which is the first of its kind in Kosovo, was seen by the participants as a necessary step in a time much needed to address problems, challenges and provide effective alternatives in terms of awareness and fight against breast cancer. in Kosovo. / Voice

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