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Bus driver exceeds in full line, Police fine with 150 euros – Latest News

 The bus driver exceeds in full line, Police fined with 150 eurosIllustrative photo

Numerous fines have started to be distributed by the Kosovo Police to citizens who are committing traffic offenses.

One in the amount of 150 euros was given in Gjilan, after the driver of a bus overtook in full line.

“Regional Police Directorate in Gjilan, today, has received information (photo and video) of a driver, participant in traffic, who has committed a counterattack, crossing in full line, on the road axis, Gjilan-Pristina , in the village of Llabjan. The Road Traffic Unit from Gjilan, immediately took the necessary actions to identify the offender, in which case it imposed a fine, according to the law on traffic offenses “, it is stated in the notification of the Police.

This is the second fine given today in Gjilan, for the same reason. A similar case was reported to have occurred in Ferizaj. / Voice

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