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Macroni: With Biden, America is back as a cooperative country – Latest News

Macroni: With Biden, America is back as a cooperative countryPhoto: Reuters

June 12, 2021 – 17:20

The United States has returned as a leader and collaborator of the free world, said French President Emmanuel Macron during a meeting with US President Joe Biden.

“It is very good to have a US president who is part of the club and very willing to cooperate,” Macron said.

As President Biden then said he had said before that “America is back.”

“I think things are going well,” Biden said.

The two leaders met as part of the G7 summit (the seven richest countries in the world), which is being held in the UK.

Relations between Europeans and Biden’s predecessor, Donald Trump, have been strained. Trump had withdrawn the US from the climate treaty and criticized its European allies on various issues, including its low financial contribution within the NATO alliance.

“I think for a fact that the European Union is very strong and vibrant, and that has a lot to do with Western Europe’s ability not only to address its economic issues, but also to provide support for NATO,” he said. Biden.

President Biden is paying his first visit abroad to Europe.

After the G7 summit that ends on Sunday, June 13, he travels to Brussels for meetings with European Union and NATO officials. / REL

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