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Croatian traffic expert: Two drivers on such a long road are too few – Latest News

Croatian traffic expert: Two drivers on such a long road are too few

Considering the road between Frankfurt and Pristina, and only two drivers, this is a very big problem.

So says Croatian traffic expert Goran Husinec after the tragic bus accident on the Slavonski Brod highway, adding that for such a long road, two drivers are few.

“Every bus driver can drive for 9 hours within 24 hours, after which there is a mandatory break. “And when it comes to the bus, he has to rest for 2 hours after 21 hours of work, but this is not respected”, says Husinec, Telegrafi reports.

“This road lasts about 25 hours, taking into account the stays at the borders. “And with the crowds when it’s the season, such a trip can take up to 30 hours, so think about it now.”

It shows how drivers should rest along these long roads.

“The solution is simple. “You have to provide housing, where drivers would change and those who were driving had to rest,” he said.

As for road accidents, Husinec says the biggest problem is that fines are written but are small.

“The police give fines, but when was the last time you heard that someone had paid the same amount?” He asks.

We recall that 10 people lost their lives and over 40 others were injured in a traffic accident today near Slavonski Brod in Croatia, when a bus from Kosovo went off the road causing an accident.

The driver of the bus was arrested and according to his testimony given to the Croatian police, he had fallen asleep at the tragic moment.

The bus was coming from Frankfurt, Germany to Kosovo.

There were 69 passengers on the bus.

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