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Detention for Seven Persons suspected of Injuring Visitors from Serbia at the Tournament

Jasmina Sazdovski, the judge for the preliminary proceedings, ordered a one-month detention for seven out of a total of 10 suspects in connection with the event on Ilidža, that is, the attack on a group of citizens from Belgrade.

Their detention was ordered due to the existence of a well-founded suspicion that they have committed the criminal offense of violent behavior.

Detention was ordered for HD, AT, EH, AH, EB, BO and EB According to the remaining three suspects, BH, MP, and SK measures prohibiting meetings with certain persons were imposed, in such a way that they are forbidden to communicate with each other indirectly and directly in any way, as well as to communicate indirectly and directly with others from the group and to approach them at a distance of less than 100 meters.

Let us remind you that the Prosecutor’s Office of the Canton of Sarajevo proposed to the Municipal Court that all 10 young men who were arrested and accused of attacking a group of persons from Serbia’s capital on Ilidža settlement should be detained for one month.

Detention was proposed because of the fear that the suspects could influence witnesses, conceal evidence and because of the danger of repeating the criminal act.

A group of young men physically attacked a group from Belgrade at the Hills Hotel in Ilidža on Saturday with the intention of taking the flag with the words “Zvezdara” written on it. On that occasion, one person suffered minor injuries caused by a knife, Klix.ba reports.

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