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Do as if hurt and as if you knew nothing

Tea has answered through a video on Youtube, questions that everyone is curious about lately.

Tea has shown that the last few days have not been easy for her because of the bad words she has received.

“These last days have not been so easy, because it is not so easy for an entire Albanian to turn against you for insulting you. It is not so easy, no matter how strong you are, it is difficult to accept, but here it is kaloi.

They say that the biggest surprise lasts 3 days, but this one of mine lasted longer, the important thing is that I had support from my close people and I went through more difficult things than this and it remains in the past and we move forward ” , says Tea.

Tea was very disappointed with Andy’s interview in “Roped With Olsi”.

“Disappointed, I was disappointed by that interview, because Andi pretended to be hurt and was not aware of this situation, when in fact he was aware of this situation from the beginning”, says Tea./Kosovarja

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