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Do you know how many years Shyhrete Behluli is only 10 days old?

Shyhrete Behluli is a very famous singer, she was born in the village of Mushtisht of Theranda, where she completed her primary education, her secondary education in Prizren, and the Faculty of Philology in Prishtina.

So, Shyhretja is a singer, but she also has a faculty.

Her family has had a musical tradition, not public, she dedicated herself to the song with all her might, and has never parted from it.

The song became part of her life, she accompanied her through the paths of life, brought her joys and sometimes even despair.

Her talent was first discovered by the professor of music, Mr. Ibrahim Hamiti, who supported her, committed her to dedicate Shyhretja with all her might to the song.

The singer has been singing since childhood, while she celebrates the jubilee year of birth for only 10 more days, after she turns 60./Kosovarja/

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