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Each fifth particular person in Serbia is overweight – one of many options is bariatric surgical procedure

The solution to the problem of excessive obesity is offered by bariatric surgery, which has recently been located in the new building of the Clinical Center of Serbia.

“Two patients, a brother and a sister, who had a high body mass index, were operated on. Everything went without complications, the patients expect control”, said Pavle Gregorić, director of the Clinic for Emergency Surgery, KC of Serbia.

He notes that the center for the treatment of obesity has existed for several years, you should come to the center with a referral, contact the endocrinologist, that is, the multidisciplinary team. The preparation before the operation takes about three weeks, with all the necessary approvals from the doctor whether the patient is a candidate for surgery.

Who is a candidate for bariatric surgery?

“The key criterion is the body mass index, when it is over 40, those are people who are overweight. This is an indication for bariatric surgery,” emphasized assistant professor Oliver Skrobić.

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