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Ersi Syla, the Albanian talent that aims to follow in the footsteps of Iniesta – Latest News

Ersi Syla, the Albanian talent that aims to follow in the footsteps of Iniesta

May 09, 2021 – 15:15

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His name is Ersi Syla and he is currently one of the promising elements of a new generation of footballers who are growing up in the National age teams.

The midfielder is currently active in the team of FC Internacional Tirana and has started his journey in red and black initially with the National U-15 team and then continue to the U-17 National Team, which is currently led by coach Ervin Bulku.

Ersi stands out with his appearances on the field of play, as he has good parameters and although he is still small he promises a lot for the future. He started football early on, constantly working with the goal of climbing to the top in the future.

In the interview for the column “Albanian Talent” on Fshf.org, Ersi Syla tells about his first steps on the field of play, debut with the red and black jersey and does not hide the intention to make a name for himself in football, as he is convinced that he should work strong to bear fruit.

– How did the desire and passion for football come about? Who was the first person to approach you with this sport and believe in you?

– Like many children, I was very young when I started to be interested in this sport. In fact, at first it was just a wish, which later transformed into a real passion for me. The first person who nurtured my love for football was my father, who supported me every step of the way.

– You have been part of the National Ages teams for a long time. How is your relationship with the team and the coach in the National? What do you think about the progress with the club? Are you satisfied?

– The relationship with the group and the coaches of the National U-15 and U-17 teams has always been wonderful. I felt good in every selection, gathering or match. Also with the club I think I did well. So far I am quite satisfied and hope to continue to pursue my dream, working as hard as I can.

– How did you experience the moment when you received the first invitation from the national team and the debut in red and black? (debut with the national age team)

– The moment of receiving the invitation was almost magical, a dream come true. Like any footballer of my age, the biggest goal is to represent the red and black colors of your national team. Debuting with the National Team has been an unforgettable moment for me and the first match with the National team of ages occupies a special place in my heart.

– How do you see the future of the national teams given the generation of players we currently have?

– I like the journey that the National age teams have done so far, I think that everything is going at a very good pace in all age groups. I also think that the U-17 National Team has very good players and they are very promising to play with the great National if they continue to work so well in the future. There is a lot of attention from the AFC for talented players and the support given to the National age teams is great.

– What has been the happiest moment or episode in your career so far? With the national teams of the ages and with the club.

– Since I love what I do, every moment, from the first day of training, has been very happy for me. Of course every good performance of mine and every good result of the team is a pleasure for me.

– What is the biggest sacrifice you have made for football?

– Football itself requires a lot of sacrifice. But I can say that I have had the great fortune to have the support of my family throughout this journey, which has helped me a lot and helped me to concentrate maximally in every training session or match with the club and national teams.

– What are your goals for the future?

– Like any footballer in his beginnings, my dream for the future is certainly related to the great national team. I would like to be a part of it one day as well as play at the highest levels of football.

– What is your idol in the ideal national team? Or who is your role model in football?

– The idol and model that has always inspired me is the former Spanish midfielder, Andreas Iniesta. I like him because he was a footballer from whom you can learn a lot and that is why I followed him constantly with a lot of adoration.


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