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Ferizaj: Fire breaks out in the generator of a restaurant – Latest News

Ferizaj: A fire breaks out in the generator of a restaurant

A fire broke out in a restaurant in Ferizaj.

The risk from this fire was increased by the fact that there is also a gas station near the restaurant.

According to the residents of “Reçak” street, this has led to the evacuation of some citizens.

There was seen a generator, some burnt cables and the restaurant which was closed.

The restaurant owners did not allow pictures to be taken nor did they comment on the case.

But, they just said it was not something tragic.

Details about the case were given by the police spokesman for the Ferizaj region Kanun Veseli.

Veseli in the Special Edition in Klan Kosova said that the fire broke out in the contractors connected to the electricity generator.

“Tonight around 19:15 the police received information that there is a fire incident on Reçak Street, here in Ferizaj. Response units immediately went to the scene, accompanied by the station investigation units. Also, the fire brigade and KEDS teams came to the scene, who immediately cut off the electricity and the firefighters extinguished the fire. He was a contractor connected to a generator in a restaurant “.

He stressed that the danger from this fire was potential, but it intervened very quickly and the fire was extinguished.

“Yes, the fact was that the restaurant is close to the fuel pump. But the fire broke out behind the building. “The danger was potential, but thankfully the fire was quickly extinguished.”

The regional spokesperson of the Police in Ferizaj added that there is no information whether there was a need to evacuate any of the citizens.

“There is a lot of space there. We had no information that there were residents evacuated, as the fire was extinguished very quickly. According to the information, it was the contractors who were connected to the generators and then to the electric clock “.

Two months ago in one of the restaurants of this city a gas cylinder had exploded, which left over 46 people injured, but unfortunately among them there were also dead.

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