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Five habits that block you on the road to success – Latest News

Five habits that block you on the road to success

1. Checking your phone during a conversation

Think about the last time you were in a conversation with someone, and he or she picks up the phone to check an sms. It’s a real disappointment when you feel like they’re not listening to you. And it is possible that while you are distracted, you lose some important information. When you are in a conversation, focus all your attention there. By placing the phone away, you will see that the conversations will be more enjoyable when you are completely immersed in them. It is a kind of thing “away from the eye, away from the mind”. If you can not see it, you will probably forget it at the moment. By doing this, you will see that conversations with friends will be more enjoyable.

2. Stop at the failures of your past

When you mischievous, it is difficult not to be too critical of yourself. You get those feelings of self-loathing, feeling inadequate, inappropriate, and so on. It is normal to feel this way sometimes, but it will not do you any good to provoke hatred towards yourself, and constantly stop at these mistakes. Try to train yourself, to see error as an opportunity to learn, instead of scolding yourself and filling yourself with negative thoughts about yourself. Instead, start asking yourself questions about the reason for the decision you made. Instead of dwelling on failure, do well to ask questions about what caused the failure.

3. Maintaining relationships with toxic people

Toxic people tend to leave a mark on our lives and manage to stay there. No matter where you work, there will always be someone who “gets under your skin”. If you allow this person to influence you, to the point where it affects your performance and mood at work, you are hindering your own success. When you see these thoughts flooding your mind, replace them, for example, by thinking how grateful you are for someone else in your life. It does not bring any good to think of people who do not matter, at a time when there are many other people, who deserve your attention.

4. Comparing yourself to others

Do not do this. It could be true, no doubt. Sometimes you find yourself doing it, even without realizing it. You lose control of your happiness when you compare yourself to those around you. When you have achieved something that makes you feel good and satisfied, do not allow another person’s opinion and / or their achievements to take away from the good feelings you have. It is almost impossible not to let what others think get into your head, but over time, you can learn to quickly let go of that negativity and keep moving forward.

It is important to remind ourselves that self-esteem is something that comes from within. Keep that in mind – you are never as bad as someone else tells you.

5. Rumors

They are everywhere, you can not escape. People who deal with gossip are “drugged” by the shortcomings and failures of others. At first it may seem tempting to engage with others and talk about one’s personal or professional life, but after a while you will begin to realize that you feel really bad about hurting others. Instead, focus on the positive things in people around you. People are very interesting, and you can learn a lot from them. Have you ever noticed that a person who constantly deals with gossip is rarely happy with his life? Remember this./EO

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