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Pioneer matches in four different centers – Latest News

Pioneer matches in four different centers

April 23, 2021 – 23:33

Latest news from the sport

The pioneer championship starts on the weekend. The priority of the Kosovo Handball Federation is to work with new generations and in this regard the Pioneers League also serves a lot.

The New York handball players play their first and second week matches on Saturday and Sunday. The matches take place in four different centers: Deçan, Peja, Vushtrri and Podujeva. Mass participation of young handball players is expected.

Vëllaznimi – Deçani, and Drenica – Prizren are the matches that are played on Saturday in Deçan and the match Trepça – Istogu has been postponed. The same group (B), plays the second round matches on Sunday in Peja. Deçan – Drenica, Istog – Vëllaznimi, Besa Famgas – Trepça are the matches of the second round.

The first matches of group A are on Saturday in Vushtrri: Kastrioti – Vjosa, Zhegra – Ulpiana, Llapi – Vushtrri. On Sunday, the young people are also in Podujeva and the following matches are played: Ulpiana – Llapi, Vjosa – Zhegra, Prishtina – Kastrioti. /Zeri.info

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