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From 200 to 2 thousand euros, some businesses in Pristina were fined

The Sanitary Inspectorate of the Food and Veterinary Agency (FVA) has imposed 10 fines on business operators in Prishtina who have not created conditions for compliance with anti-COVID measures.

The news was confirmed by the FVA spokesman, Lamir Thaçi.

He also indicated that such controls will continue.

“The Sanitary Inspectorate of the FVA, during the controls for monitoring the implementation of COVID measures in Prishtina has imposed 10 fines for business operators who have not created conditions for compliance with the measures. “The measures will continue to be monitored so that we have a continuous decrease in the number of infected”, said Thaçi.

He has indicated that the same businesses have not respected the distance.

“Various cafes in Prishtina have not respected anti-Covid measures such as distance. “The fines for them have been various, starting from 200 to 2 thousand euros”, he emphasized.

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