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Gold AG dedicates a few verses to the anger against Bregovic: Time is of the jokers

After many reactions from Albanian artists, the singer Gold Ag also joined those who came out against Goran Bregovic, the Serbian singer who is rumored to be performing in Korca.

It is known that Gold Ag has dedicated several verses to the invitation for the Serbian singer Goran Bregovic, where he expresses his anger towards him.

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Nal Bregovic do not take yrysh…

That the municipality has said that Bregovic will come,

Biri shk.. ka me ardh

That the beer in Korça wants to take me,

Do not slaughter him

Go to the one who gave you the key to the city,

That they violated the Albanian again

Ta q * n Korça at nan ‘shkin,

Even when they are talking, they are black traitors

They say that art knows no bounds

Let the sons of traitors know



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