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Government supports amendment of the Law not to rest on working days if the holidays fall on weekends – Latest News

The government supports the amendment of the Law not to rest on working days if the holidays fall on weekends

For every official holiday that falls on a weekend, currently according to the Law on Official Holidays, the following day of the week, or working day, is considered a holiday.

Even for the New Year holiday, although the holiday dates are on weekends, on January 1st and 2nd, according to the official holiday calendar, the holiday date will be Monday and Tuesday.

Such a practice has been constantly criticized, but for the amendment of the provision of the law, the Independent Administration Union says that they and civil society should be consulted. Although they did not speak out against it, he said that Kosovo should take into account the practices of the European Union.

The Private Sector Workers’ Union has demanded that the law be equally respected for employees in this sector.

Meanwhile, the Government of Kosovo says that it will support any initiative to change this provision.

“Regarding the issue raised for the change of the provision which currently stipulates that there should be a day off even when the official holiday falls during the weekend, as the Government we support in principle the change of this provision”, stated for ATV, the spokesman of the Government of Kosovo, Përparim Kryeziu.

There are 11 holidays in the official holiday calendar. The law on official holidays has entered the process of change during 2021 when at least the Day of the Egyptians is expected to be added to the calendar.

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