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Haradinaj accuses the Government of the serious situation with the COVID-19 pandemic

The President of the Alliance for the Future of Kosovo, Ramush Haradinaj, has reacted about the situation with the COVID-19 pandemic, accusing the Government of Kosovo of mismanagement.

Haradinaj, through a post on Facebook, criticized Vetëvendosje, how in this serious health situation in the country, they have decided to run for Minister of Health, for mayor of Pristina.

He even said that the Government of fraud instead of narrow political interests, should focus on the interests of the state and be committed to managing the state of health.

Haradinaj’s full post:

“At a time when the pandemic situation is out of control and Kosovo is recording a high number of cases of infection, fraudsters have decided to nominate the Minister of Health for mayor of Pristina.

The removal of Minister Vitia from state responsibilities and the shift of his attention to the electoral race, once again reveals the true face of the Government of fraud.

This government, before narrow political interests, must have the interests of the state and be committed to managing the serious health situation in the country, which is taking the lives of citizens every day.

The cost of this situation will be paid not only by the patients and the medical staff, but also by the country’s economy, with the measures that these fraudsters will impose, just as they closed the country and destroyed the economy last year.

“Despite the lack of interest of the Government, I ask the health staff at the national level to continue to give their contribution in the care of the citizens of Kosovo”, wrote Haradinaj.

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