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Haziri: I will not campaign for elections – Latest News

Haziri: I will not campaign for elections

The mayor of Gjilan, Lutfi Haziri, is seeking another term at the head of this institution.

In the October elections he says he will enter without organizing an election campaign.

“For the first time I am saying now that I have to make elections without a campaign.”

“This comes after the citizens of Gjilan have given me the privilege and honor to have a positive assessment and after this service, I will make the elections without a campaign,” he said on ATV.

“All that I think falls on me in charge except PR and social networks that the LDK did as a party other tools that I have eventually planned that I thought to share for the campaign like the other candidates I have “I thought of sending these funds to a family in need, to build a house or to buy them an apartment and not to spend on a campaign because these campaigns are boring and expensive.”

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