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KPA officials threatened with beheading, arrest warrant issued for two defendants – Latest News

KPA officials threatened with beheading, an arrest warrant was issued for the two accused

The Basic Court in Prishtina has issued arrest warrants against Besnik and Hamit Beka, who are accused of obstructing AKP officials by threatening them with the words “you have nothing to beg for here, I will cut off your head”.

Such a decision was made on Tuesday after the two defendants did not appear at Tuesday’s hearing.

Regarding the absence of the accused Hamit Beka, the judge of the case Eroll Gashi stated that the court had issued an order for forced behavior from the previous session.

Whereas, according to Judge Gashi, from the notification of the Police, it is said that they did not find him at the given address and that according to the family members, the accused is in Banja.

And for the accused Besnik Hamiti, according to the notification of the Police, the exact address of the residence has not been verified.

Also, the state prosecutor was absent from this session, who was regularly invited but did not justify his absence.

In these circumstances, today’s session has been postponed while the next one remains undecided.

According to the indictment filed on April 20, 2018, Besnik Beka and Hamit Beka are accused of having each separately committed the criminal offense “obstruction of an official person while performing official duties” under Article 409 paragraph 1 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Kosovo, offense punishable by up to three (3) years in prison.

The indictment states that on August 24, 2016, around 13:00, in “Fehmi Agani” street in Prishtina, the accused, by seriously threatening the official persons, prevented them from performing their official duties, in such a way that until the injured party Bekim Krasniqi and Beqir Ahmetaj in the capacity of officials of the Kosovo Property Agency based on the request for repossession have visited the occupied properties which are under the administration of the KPA, reports “Oath of Justice”.

Further, the indictment states that talking to the usurpers Milot Cakaj and Hamdi Beka, they were seriously threatened because the accused Besnik and Hamit Beka with the words “you have nothing to beg for here, I will cut off your head, this will we also do it for your families, where are you and where are you from? were forced to leave the scene.

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