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Over 10 thousand active cases with coronavirus – nightclubs, restaurants and wedding halls open until 22:30

The day before, a record number of people infected with coronavirus was recorded in the country, where 1,765 people tested positive in 24 hours.

Following this alarming figure, the Minister of Health met with representatives of the Chamber of Hospitality and Tourism where they agreed to take new anti-COVID measures.

This Chamber has announced that from August 20, nightclubs will be closed until September 1, while restaurants and cafeterias will be open until 22:30.

According to the announcement, the number of wedding guests at weddings will also be reduced, from 300 as it was, to 150 wedding guests.

“The measures are from 20.08.2021:

Wedding halls until 22:30, capacity of 150 clients present.

Nightclubs and discos are closed until 01.09.2021.

All daily restaurants, cafes, etc. work until 22:30 “, it is said in the announcement of the Kosovo Chamber, Hotel and Tourism.

Further, it is announced that “From 20.08.2021 without vaccination proof or PCR test, clients are not allowed in any of the Hotel-Gastronomic facilities”.

The Minister of Health, Arben Vitia in a press conference said that they will recruit with fast procedures 1 thousand health workers in HUCSK, in NIPHK, in the inspectorates of other countries.

He said vaccination centers will also work on Saturdays and vaccination teams will be added.

The Association of Kosovo Municipalities has also announced that they have agreed with the proposal of the Ministry of Health to tighten anti-COVID measures.

The communiqué states that there will be an increase in health staff but also with the part of inspectorates in municipalities and the central level.

Otherwise, the Ministry Vitia in the conference on Tuesday has announced for today the meeting of the Government of Kosovo where the decision will be made for these measures, which will enter into force on August 20. / Telegraphy /

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