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Hoxhaj formalizes candidacy in Shtime: The achievements of this city have the stamp of Naim Ismajli and PDK – Latest News

Hoxhaj formalizes candidacy in Shtime: The achievements of this city have the stamp of Naim Ismajli and PDK

The chairman of the Democratic Party of Kosovo, Enver Hoxhaj, today formalized the candidacy of Naim Ismajli for mayor of Shtime.

In a press conference, emphasizing that he feels proud that the history of Kosovo and its victories are closely linked to the history and victories of PDK, Hoxhaj from Shtime called on citizens to punish with votes the deniers of freedom and independence, the fraudsters who protested demanded that Serbia not enter into dialogue without apologizing.

“Punish these deniers of freedom and independence who a few years ago said that Kosovo will never have an army and today they parade in front of this army and praise the KSF. Therefore, punish these fraudsters who protested and demanded not to enter into dialogue without asking sorry Serbia – while today they are running and ready for serious compromises for the functionality of the state of Kosovo. Therefore, do not believe these fraudsters who claim that history should start with them because this will not happen: The history of Kosovo is the history of this people and no one can change it. ” said Hoxhaj.

He said that the history written together with the PDK in Shtime, is a good model of governance, of this city since a small and discriminated province, has become an urban city, developed and active.

Hoxhaj recalled that under the leadership of PDK, Shtime has been rated as one of the municipalities with the best performance in Kosovo by central institutions in cooperation with foreign embassies, as well as for keeping electoral promises in the amount of 100 percent, has 95 percent of completed road infrastructure, participation in women’s decision-making with 50 percent, 14 new school buildings, Economic Zone with 12 functional businesses, among them 2 international businesses, efficient professional administration, new parks, sidewalks and sports fields for each settlement.

“These achievements have the stamp of the Democratic Party of Kosovo and its chairman, the most deserving man, Mr. Naim Ismajli, whom we will have in the race for another 4-year term. I am happy that without any hesitation we can confirm and formalize this candidacy just to continue the good work in Shtime, to start new projects and to spread this good model of development after the local elections in the autumn of this year. “also in other municipalities,” said Hoxhaj.

Whereas, the candidate for mayor of Shtime from the ranks of PDK, at the same time the current mayor of this municipality, Naim Ismajli thanked the mayor Hoxhaj and the party structures that for the fifth time entrusted him with the candidacy to govern in this municipality.

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