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Illegal taxis take advantage of the lack of buses, they take 5 euros from passengers in the route Prishtina – Gjilan – Latest News

Illegal taxis take advantage of the lack of buses, take 5 euros from passengers on the route Prishtina - Gjilan

Intercity buses have been closed since Wednesday, due to non-subsidization by the Government due to the losses they suffered during the pandemic.

And for this, citizens these days have been forced to travel by illegal taxis, but the latter have taken advantage of the situation created by buses, raising their prices.

A.SH, a citizen who traveled from Prishtina to Gjilan says for Telegraf that for a ticket in this relation that usually costs 2 euros today she paid 5 euros.

“From 2 euros as the price is on ordinary days, today we paid 5 euros to go from Prishtina to Gjilan”, she says for Telegraf.

Meanwhile, the president of the Transporters Association, Ruzhdi Kurishaj in a statement given to the Telegraph said that there will be no road transport in the coming days.

“Without the implementation of the payment issue, there is no going back, until there is no implementation of the agreement by the Government, there is no road transport. When the Government makes a decision and starts making payments then we are fine. “The protest continues,” he said.

Otherwise, the Association of Transporters today in protest of non-subsidization by the Government in the form of a protest has passed by buses in the capital, while the stop was made in front of the Government building.

The strike of the Passenger Transport Association, who decided to stop the circulation of buses, started on Wednesday.

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