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In Kosovo eat more expensive, pandemic raises prices – Latest News

In Kosovo they eat more expensively, the pandemic increased prices

Forty percent of the income in Kosovo households goes for daily consumption.

This is shown by the data of the Kosovo Agency of Statistics, based on the report on price increases for the first quarter of this year.

From this agency, Ibish Asllani says that while a part of the citizens’ salaries have been reduced as a result of the pandemic, the prices of basic consumer products have increased.

Asllani shows that the price of the consumer basket for Kosovar households is the highest in Europe.

But at the Research Institute, INDEP, they say the price increase was not just due to the pandemic but they suspect there was a secret deal between the companies.

Moreover, unlike Western European countries, where the prices of basic food products are not allowed to rise in emergency situations such as the pandemic, in Kosovo there is no legislation that prevents this./Top Channel

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