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Injured in the Velipoja massacre tells the story where 4 people were killed – Latest News

The wounded in the Velipoja massacre narrates the event where 4 people were killed

Hasan Ferracaku, who was injured in the massacre of Velipoja, where 4 people lost their lives, has given his testimony regarding the serious event. Among the victims of the massacre is his brother Kujtim Ferracaku.

According to the 54-year-old, Hasan Ferracaku, that night a debate took place at the deck chairs, which according to him were placed in their space.

He further stated that they went to the Gocajve hotel to clarify the division of the beach space and that they were asked to reach an agreement.

Ferracaku has indicated that Gocaj had violated in their territory, after he had made an application that had given him the right to use that space.

He said that during the conversation, irritations started and then weapons were used.

The 54-year-old also accused the Gocaj brothers, both killed, that they had shot his brother Kujtim and that he had reacted in self-defense. Hasan Ferracaku said that he did not have a weapon.

“Initially we held a debate on the sunbeds on the beach because they placed them in the place where this year we had the right after the application we made. After that debate we went to the Gocaj Hotel for dinner to clarify with the Gocaj family. We sat at the table to talk. We have told them to find a deal, as they had previously placed the sunbeds a while this year this right was ours based on the applications.

They have refused, saying they have to wait until their place is determined. During the conversation, the debate started and things got worse, causing the weapons to be used as well. We went to talk and find a solution for the sunbeds, but the situation worsened and after the gunshots I do not know what happened anymore. I know they shot at the brother and the rest of us and at that moment the brother defended himself. “I did not shoot and we only went to talk because there are people we knew and we had a good relationship, but the situation got out of control,” said the 54-year-old, who is in the Trauma Hospital. /Century

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