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Italy towards compulsory vaccination – Latest News

Italy towards compulsory vaccination

September 04, 2021 – 23:26

Draghi: We are just waiting for the EMA recommendation

Italy could make vaccination mandatory for the entire population, becoming the first country in Europe. The proposal was made by Prime Minister Mario Draghi at a press conference, who said his country is awaiting only the recommendation of the European Medicines Agency on the issue that could be given within the next week.

But his proposal is facing widespread opposition in public opinion, but also among political allies, such as Mateo Salvini, who has always spoken out against compulsory vaccination. There have been ongoing protests in Italy since the entry into force of the green passport last month. This country has the highest level of vaccination in the EU with about 80% of adults.

So far only Indonesia, Turkmenistan and Micronesia are countries that have mandatory vaccination for the entire population.

Italy was the first country in Europe to make vaccination mandatory for health workers. In Greece, meanwhile, nearly 7,000 unvaccinated medical staff have been suspended since September 1.

Authorities say more people have been vaccinated in recent days, following a government promise to get them back to work as soon as they receive at least one of the doses. It is expected that from the middle of this month, France will also suspend doctors who have not been vaccinated by the deadline set by the government./tvklan.al

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