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Kastriot wins in Gjakova, points for Prishtina and Samadrexha – Latest News

Kastriot wins in Gjakova, points for Prishtina and Samadrexha

April 10, 2021 – 23:42

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Kastriot of Ferizaj has defeated the Eagle of Gjakova with a result of 36:32. The match played on Saturday in Gjakova belonged to the 20th round of the Handball Super League. After the first half, the result was 20:17 for the team from Ferizaj.

The 20 goals of Argoneta Goqi were not enough for the Eagle. 5 goals for Shqiponja were scored by Shpresa Fazlija.

Adriana Salihu scored 12 goals for Kastriot, while 7 goals were scored by Puhiza Gashi.
Kastriot is fourth with 27 points. The eagle is sixth with 22 points.

Samadrexha also won with four goals difference. Samadrexhas at home defeated Jusuf Gërvalla with a result of 29:25. Donjeta Mehmeti stood out with 10 local goals.

Adelina Qufaj scored 8 goals for the team from Deçan.

Prishtina convincingly defeated Drita in Gjilan with 42:23. Alketa Baftijari with 11 goals and Belonra Rexhepi with 9 goals were distinguished in the team of Drita.

11 goals for Prishtina were scored by Eduarta Kurteshi, while 9 by the captain Aida Stagova. /Zeri.info

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