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Kosovo begins preparations for two friendlies in Turkey – Latest News

Kosovo started preparations for the two friendlies in Turkey

June 05, 2021 – 23:06

Latest news from the sport

The representative of Kosovo, composed mainly of young footballers who are seen as potential for the future, has started today the preparations for the next two friendlies that will take place in Antalya, Turkey, against Guinea and Gambia, on June 8 and 11.

Today’s training was held by the Dardanians at the “Fadil Vokrri” stadium, while tomorrow morning the expedition will travel to Antalya. This training has served the players to get to know each other better, given the fact that many of them have not had the opportunity to play together, while the selector Challandes with the rest of the staff have also worked on some elements of the game.

Meanwhile, due to health problems, Jetmir Haliti, defender of the Swedish team, AIK Football, could not come to this gathering. /Zeri.info

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