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Kosovo buys “Vuran” armored vehicles from Turkey – Latest News

Kosovo buys

Kosovo has ordered from Turkey Vuran 4 × 4 mortar armored vehicles produced in cooperation with Turkish defense industry companies.

Vuran 4 × 4 is manufactured by BMC one of Turkey manufacturers for ground armored vehicles. The multi-purpose armored vehicle has been in the inventory of the Turkish security forces for some time.

The Vuran armored vehicle was developed to be used according to the needs and operational capabilities of the Turkish Armed Forces. Within this armored vehicle Vuran 4 × 4 developed by BMC and ASELSAN is placed for use by security forces.

Vuran 4 × 4 was turned into a product by Turkish engineers who combined the dynamics of the combat experience of the Turkish Armed Forces and the vision of the Turkish defense industry. With the reference of the Turkish Armed Forces, Vuran 4 × 4 has aroused an interest abroad as well.

As reported by AA, BMC has added a recent export innovation to the Balkans, realized the first overseas sale of Vuran 4 × 4 under an agreement signed with the Ministry of Defense of Kosovo.

In the first phase, 2 Vuran 4 × 4 vehicles will be produced and delivered. The production of the tools will be done in partnership between BMC and ASELSAN.

The vehicle will use the 120 mm Alkar mortar system of the company ASELSAN.

This system, which is described as the “new bayonet of Turkish soldiers”, with mobility and high survival ability can perform tasks in difficult climatic and geographical conditions./AA.

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