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Kosovo, US base for verifying suspected Afghans – Latest News

Kosovo, US base for verifying suspected Afghans

It appears that Kosovo has become a US base for verifying possible links of US-sheltered Afghans.

So at least reports the American media NBC.

About 100 Afghans who have been evacuated to the US have been labeled possible links to the Taliban or terrorist groups, say two well-informed sources in the US evacuation operation.

Examination of at least two of those Afghans has revealed as much information as the US plans to send them to Kosovo for further consideration, and any other evacuations that cause similar concerns will also be sent to Kosovo, US media sources said. NBC, reports Zeri.info.

Sources warn that just because a person is labeled does not mean he or she is a terrorist or poses a threat.

Of the more than 30,000 evacuated from Afghanistan to the US, about 10,000 needed additional control as of Friday, sources said, and of those, about 100 were assessed for possible links to terrorist groups.

The other evacuees who are currently being assessed in the DC area were found to have been deported from the U.S. previously for previous criminal offenses, two sources informed of the data said. The US Department of Homeland Security is now deciding what to do with individuals.

A Justice Department spokesman declined to comment.

Kosovo has so far sheltered 467 Afghan citizens who fled Afghanistan after the Taliban took power “in their hands”. / Voice

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