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Krasniqi talks about the situation with COVID-19: We have limited hospital capacities – Latest News

Krasniqi talks about the situation with COVID-19: We have limited hospital capacities

The director of the University Clinical Hospital Service, Valbon Krasniqi, said that the situation created by the coronavirus is a condition that was warned as a cause of crowding.

In Klan Kosova, Valbon Krasniqi specified that this situation was especially created during the election campaign, but did not leave without mentioning the indiscipline of citizens who say that they are not respecting the anti-pandemic measures at all.

“What we have warned before is happening that we are facing a large number of infected, where it is being followed by a large number of hospitalized.”

“Tomorrow is 1 year since the Infectious Diseases Clinic, the first two cases were clinically accepted where then on the 13th they were confirmed with COVID-19”.

“We have said even during that time that the mass gathering of people represents an extraordinary train of risk of spreading the virus.”

“These days we have not seen proper respect for the measures by the citizens. Even very few are noticing the wearing of masks by them. We as HUCSK are doing everything in our power to ensure the admission of our patients. “Today we have 666 patients in all regional hospitals that are now known as the COVID Clinic.”

“During January and February we had a relatively calmer situation. Our hospital capacity is limited. Kosovo has not managed to establish COVID hospitals, but we will be forced to hospitalize patients in this way. “Three days ago, we were forced to prepare internist clinics for patients who come as a result of COVID-19”.

Among other things, Valbon Krasniqi spoke about the hospital capacity, which is part of the treatment of patients.

Although the situation is worrying, Krasniqi emphasizes the fact of the difficulty of managing health staff to treat patients with COVID-19.

“We already have experience with clinical case management. Today we have already exceeded the figures. “In the last week of November we had exactly over a thousand patients.”

“Capacities are limited, we will be forced to create additional beds. “But it is not just a matter of infrastructure, but it is also a matter of engaging health staff.”

Most with the exception of two or three drugs, which are prescribed to treat patients with COVID, are provided. We are still missing Remdesiviri. While for two other drugs, the cases are in the procurement review appeal ”.

“We have managed to make extraordinary investments. “Today we had an extremely good day because in the Infectious Diseases Clinic we have connected over 200 beds for oxygen supply”.

“There is enough oxygen. There have been difficulties over the past year. But now we have completely changed the oxygen supply system. “Since September, we have completely changed this supply system.”

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