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The Prince’s surprise leaves Jasmina speechless, “Crazy” Andi

The prince left Jasmina speechless on their first meeting by helicopter touring her, though she has a phobia of heights.

He stood very close to her to make her feel as calm as possible.

At first Jasmina hesitated to accompany him and ran away, but the Prince persuaded her to board the helicopter. Andit’s comment was not missing for this surprise.

Jasmina: I do not want to vd.es with you.

Princes: No no we will die together.

Jasmina: How did the world look to you from up there?

Princes: Very large.

I said I want to be up with the slave of the heart.

Jasmina: It was everything to you.

Princes: I like it very much.

Jasmina: I’m so confused, I did not expect to approach someone else so quickly.

Andi: The idea with a helicopter is very nice, but I think I take Jasmine higher in the sky without a helicopter.

Jasmina: Can you not joke that I want to take you seriously?

Andi: Yes I am seriously.

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