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Lekaj: Kurti government should not mourn, urgently make the solution for electricity – Latest News

Lekaj: The Kurti government should not mourn, it should urgently make the solution for electricity

The MP of the Alliance for the Future of Kosovo, Pal Lekaj, estimates that the Prime Minister of the country, Albin Kurti, must provide urgent solutions to the energy crisis in the country.

“The prime minister is not here to weave strings but to offer solutions and provide electricity to the citizens. “The Kurti government must act urgently and will have our support in solving the problem.”

“It has the power, the power and the numbers to solve problems. “Until a year ago, we did not have problems with electricity, although we warned them, but they took it as a political thing and not to start analyzing the issue.”

Lekaj in “Info Magazine” stated that the Kurti Government should not mourn and hide behind previous governments, but be transparent with citizens for all decisions it will take, reports Klankosova.tv.

“It was necessary to debate the energy crisis as we entered a deep energy crisis. “This government has the practice of having ‘ad-hock’ actions rather than conducting a preliminary analysis to solve problems.”

“With this crisis, Kurti has no way out and blames the previous governments and must offer a solution and not mourn.”

“The prime minister is required to come out and confront the citizens for any decision and not to hide behind previous governments. I believe that by March there will be an energy crisis and an increase in the price of electricity, and for this he must come out and tell his citizens “, said Lekaj.

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