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Llap’s “Legends” message to Sinan: You are not welcome in Podujeva – Latest News


April 28, 2021 – 23:52

Latest news from the sport

The match between the Balkans and Llap was followed by physical clashes and serious accusations, writes Zeri.info.

In the match valid for the 31st week in the Superleague, Suhareka scored a 1-0 victory against Llapja.

At one point in the match there was a physical clash, as the main referee, Besfort Kasami, from this clash shared two red cards.

After the match, Llap fans, “Legends”, also reacted, declaring the Balkan defender, Egzon Sinan, unwanted in Podujeva, his hometown.

Full response from “Legends” (without interference):

“Egzon Sinani, you are not welcome in your hometown

Your behavior today towards your home club, swearing and insults do not make you welcome to us.

“Today you showed yourself that you do not have a Llapja character because in order to oust the Balkan bank, you continued to offend the coaches and staff of the club where you became famous”. /Zeri.info

Egzon Sinani, you are not welcome in your hometown. Your behavior today towards your club …

Posted by Ultras Legjendat on Wednesday, 28 April 2021

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