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LVV Kurteshi says most media in Kosovo are a product of organized crime – Latest News

Kurteshi of LVV says that most of the media in Kosovo are a product of organized crime

The representative of Vetëvendosje Movement in the Central Election Commission, Sami Kurteshi, said that most media in Kosovo commit “media crime”.

According to Kurtesh, “the absolute majority of the media in Kosovo have been and are the product of the institutional organized crime of the twenty years of power”.

“Unfortunately, this is the face, content, appearance and action of most media, especially audiovisual and electronic media in Kosovo. In this multitude of media crime, weather, weather have long become almost invisible journalists and media in the true sense of the word The media, the absolute majority of them were and are at the same time a product and mass of organized institutional crime of the twenty-year-old powers in Kosovo, therefore, there can be no content, no display or other actions by its creators and sponsors.

Media and media crime in Kosovo can not remain a taboo topic in Kosovo!

“The media market in Kosovo is not free of harassment within itself without an internal catharsis”, Kurteshi wrote on Facebook.

This reaction of Kurteshi comes after the news published by the newspaper “Insajderi”, according to which the Minister of Health Arben Vitia has not signed the contract with the manufacturer of vaccines “Pfizer” within the prescribed deadlines.

Whereas, the State Prosecutor announced today that he has authorized the Kosovo Police in taking all necessary investigative actions, in accordance with the Criminal Procedure Code of the Republic of Kosovo, to initiate a case against the criminal offense “Disclosure of official secrecy” ”.

The police meanwhile announced that so far they have interrogated the leaders of “Insider”, but apparently, the great public pressure made the investigations continue only towards the state officials for leakage of information, and not in the media. / Voice

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