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Melissa has two words for Arjan Konomi, after leaving “Përputhen”

Melissa wrote a few words about Arjan Konomi.

Melissa made the news that last night in “Matching Prime” she gave up the competition, she said that for many days she felt pressured and that she felt that she would not find her love in “Matching” ”.

Meanwhile, she has dedicated two words to the opinionist of “Për’puthen”, Arjan Konomi, with whom she has had frequent debates in the program.

However, Melissa has publicly thanked Arjan for any criticism and wishes that the friendship between them continues beyond the program.

“Arjan, as you said yesterday, we both started it with a debate, but I am happy that I enjoy an appreciation from you and you have the same appreciation from me.

Thank you for every criticism and for every good word you say and sorry if at any point I also raised my voice, the program got to know us together, but that does not mean that this society will stop just because of my journey it ended there “, Melisa writes next to a photo with the opinionist./Blic

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