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Molliqaj comments on Kurti’s daughter’s dress that was said to cost $ 490 – Latest News

Molliqaj comments on the dress of Kurti's daughter that was said to cost 490 dollars

The leader of PSD, Dardan Molliqaj has commented on the dress of Kurti’s daughter which he wore at the festival in France.

Molliqaj told Pressing that it does not matter if the dress was bought or forgiven.

According to him, the important thing is that Kurti’s daughter wore that dress.

“It does not matter if he bought the dress or not. Work is ae ear, work is what life does, lifestyle. The problem is deeper than that. This is not true. This is a global hoax. “Leaders of different countries wear traditional clothes”, said Molliqaj.

He added that beliefs do not allow him to do certain things and according to him Kurti has wrong beliefs.

“It is important, it is not the job whether Albini bought it or they forgave him, the job is whether he heard it. Your convictions will not allow them, Albini has wrong beliefs, not behaviors, not gestures “, said Molliqaj.

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